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Family law, fundamental rights and democracy

The course will introduce you to the Danish democracy, European fundamental rights and family law in Denmark.

The main content of the course consists of a review of the Danish democratic processes and institutions, a review of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of The European Union and particularly antidiscrimination, freedom of religion and freedom of speech, and a review of Danish family law and the legal consequences of forming a marriage or civil partnership (civil union couples).

Course content:

The aim of the course is for participants to acquire knowledge in the selected areas within the chosen domains of law. The course draws on the Danish constitution, Charter of Fundamental Rights of The European Union, and The European Convention on Human Rights. Additionally, other course material include relevant law and court judgements.

The course will also draw on Danish family law, mainly ”lov om ægtefællers økonomiske forhold”, ”ægteskabsloven” and the Danish Inheritance Act – ”Arveloven”. The focus will be on selected areas within the domains of law, for instance the validity of matrimony, spouses’ legal and financial obligations, rights and their opportunity and right to enter into agreements with each other.

The following topics within the domains of law will be covered in the course:

Freedom and democracy:

  • The political system and its structure
  • Legal certainty
  • Human rights with focus on freedom of speech, freedom of religion and anti-discrimination

Family law:

  • The marriage conditions
  • Custody
  • The legal effects of marriage
  • Legal separation and divorce
  • Division of property in case of legal separation and divorce
  • Division of the estate in case of death
  • Bilateral contracts between spouses
  • Alimony to spouse
  • Unmarried couples

What you will get from participating

You will increase your understanding of:

  • Individual rights, legal certainty and the correlation with the democratic process
  • Property relationships between spouses and the legal consequences of marriage

The course is taught in English, and it will be possible to bring an interpreter.

The course has been established in cooperation with the Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration (Danish: Udlændige- og Integrationsministeriet). Read the Danish version.

Useful information

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Forår 2024

Family law, fundamental rights and democracy

Start- og slutdato

19.06.24 - 20.06.24






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19.06.24 og 20.06.24, begge dage kl. 9.00-15.00


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