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Welfare and Health Technology – solutions promoting health

About the course

We offer students to work with welfare and health technologies which have become more common and established in healthcare. Solutions with the potential of promoting health have become an increasingly important part of everyday life for all of us, both as citizens and as healthcare professionals.

Practical information

Students from abroad and KP-students

Min. 15, max. 30

University College Copenhagen (Københavns Professionshøjskole)
Campus Hillerød
Carlsbergvej 14
3400 Hillerød
Tlf.: +45 41 89 72 00

Individual written assignment with examination and following an oral presentation in groups.

Assessment: Grade

Velfærds- og sundhedsteknologi – løsninger til sundhedsfremme

Dette valgfrie element udbydes ikke i efteråret 2024.

Udbud af valgfrie elementer: kp.dk/valgfrie-elementer/

Content of the course

  • Definitions of the following terms: technology, welfare technology, health technology, telemedicine, apps used in healthcare
  • The variation of health technology
  • Appreciative communication
  • Motivational theory
  • Ethic and considerations using technology
  • Psychology related to and using technology
  • Assessment methods concerning welfare technologies, telemedicine solutions and regarding the use of apps
  • Self-elected topics by the students, e.g. artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality as potentials in healthcare.

Learning outcomes

  • Extended knowledge about using technology in healthcare and understanding the variation and potential of using it
  • Technological profile regarding promotion of health via technologies, communicating appreciatively with students’ colleges in relation to group work and concerning technology projects
  • Capabilities considering ethic aspects when using technology, psychological knowledgeable concerning the interference of and when using technology in healthcare
  • Critical thinking inclusive assessment skills concerning various type of technologies.

Learning methods

  • Lessons by lectures
  • Lessons by external lectures/professors
  • Lessons by the student themselves
  • Literature research at CINAHL and PubMed
  • Group work
  • Project work in groups to present a problem, including field research
  • Group work or individual work related to a written assignment
  • Self-study.


Tine Munch Schumann

Studieadm. koordinator

+45 51 63 24 06