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Obesity management

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Obesity Management focuses on obtaining knowledge about the role of physical activity, nutrition, physiology and behavior change frameworks in relation to overweight and obese individuals, and how to use this knowledge to council/coach overweight and obese individuals.

Aims and objectives

The overall aim of the course is to teach students how an individual can manage the causes and symptoms of overweight/obesity using knowledge within behavior change, physiology, physical activity and nutrition.

Content of the course

Based on interdisciplinary research evidence and best practice, students will learn and communicate key physiological, nutritional and physical activity messages to increase positive behavior change in overweight and obese individuals.

Students will learn a behavior change framework and use this to counsel/coach a volunteer overweight/obese case client and thus convert theory into practice. The students will work out a diet- and physical activity plan based on case clients’ needs and preferences.

Learning outcomes

  • Obtain knowledge about the role of diet/nutrition, physical activity and physiology in relation to overweight/obesity
  • Obtain skills in designing a diet plan and a physical activity program for overweight/obese individuals
  • Obtain knowledge about behavior change frameworks and the practical applications of these in relation to coaching/counselling of overweight and obese individuals

Learning methods

  • Lectures
  • Group work
  • Practical exercises
  • Coaching/counselling of case clients
  • Supervision

Course assessment/examination

The exam is an internally assessed exam worth 10 ECTS and is an individual written exam which is to be handed in on WISEflow.
The exam takes place in week 11.
The students will receive one grade based on the Danish 7-point grading scale.
Additional information on exam formalities and criteria for the elective course will be available by the beginning of the semester.

Practical information

  • Bioanalytiker
  • Ergoterapeut
  • Ernæring og Sundhed
  • Fysioterapeut
  • Psykomotorisk terapeut
  • Radiograf
  • Sygeplejerske

A minimum of 12 and a maximum of 38.

Københavns Professionshøjskole
Campus Sigurdsgade
Sigurdsgade 26
København N
Tlf.: 70 89 09 90

Spring semester: Week 6-11
Registration: xx/xx – xx/xx (coming)

Global Nutrition and Health (GNH)
University College Copenhagen (KP)
Sigurdsgade 26
2200 København N

The course is worth 10 ECTS points.

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Henrik Bo Pedersen


+45 41 89 83 16