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About the course

Biochemistry is about the chemistry that is part of all life processes, and thus happens in all living tissue. Understanding biochemistry is essential to gain a deeper understanding, regarding many of the physiological processes taking place in plants and animals (including humans 😊).

Practical information

Students in nutrition and health at University College Copenhagen

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University College Copenhagen
Campus Nørrebro
Sigurdsgade 26
DK-2200 København N

Four hours written test with all aids. Rated on the 7-point grading scale.

Due to logistical challenges, there may be some teaching the week before the normal start of the semester (i.e. week 5 or week 34).


Registration for the elective module is open in week 12+13 for the autumn semester and in week 42+43 for the spring semester.

Registration (log in at KP as usual)


Understanding basic biochemical processes: Chemical structures of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and RNA/DNA, Enzymes and enzyme regulation, membrane and membrane function.

Metabolic pathways of different macronutrients: Glycolysis, anaerobic respiration, citric acid cycle, oxidative phosphorylation, pentose phosphate pathway, gluconeogenesis, lipid metabolism, amino acid metabolism.

Learning outcomes

The course will provide an introduction to general biochemical processes. In addition, there will be extra focus on the metabolism of macronutrients in the human organism. The consequences of the biochemical processes will be related to their physiological response.

Learning methods

Videos and study questions will be used to support preparation for class teaching. During classes we will work with the topics using PowerPoint slides, white/black board etc.


Michael Kristensen


+45 24 29 63 77