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Applied biostatistics

Elective course is not offered

This elective course is not offered in autumn 2020

Other elective courses: kp.dk/valgfrie-elementer/

About the course

A “hands-on”-course on the evaluation of data in biological sciences. Learn how to arrange, evaluate, and interpret the data you raised and learn to understand how statistical data were raised by other scientists.
The course run from week 6 to the end of week 11, 6 weeks in all. The course is worth 10 ECTS points, divided into theory (4 ECTS) and application (6 ECTS).

Aims and objectives

The aim of the module “Applied Biostatistics” is the general capability to collect, manage, evaluate, and interpret scientific data by means of a renowned statistical software package. Moreover, this module aims at promoting the understanding of statistical evaluation as used in scientific studies and the use of statistical parameters as a tool to provide “scientific evidence”.

Learning methods

The teaching methods applied in this module will be:

  • theoretical approach by lecturing and individual preparation (self-study)
  • common exercises in class
  • problem solving in groups and at an individual level
  • presentations of problem solutions

The learning process will be supported by ICT (i.e. videos and quizzes).

Course assessment/examination

The exam is an internally assessed exam worth 10 ECTS and is an individual product which is to be handed in on WISEflow. The exam takes place in week 11.
The students will receive one grade based on the Danish 7-point grading scale.
Additional information on exam formalities and criteria for the elective course will be available by the beginning of the semester.

Practical information

  • Bioanalytiker
  • Ergoterapeut
  • Ernæring og Sundhed
  • Fysioterapeut
  • Psykomotorisk terapeut
  • Radiograf
  • Sygeplejerske
  • Global nutrition and health

This module is eligible for students from other university colleges (e.g. Absalon, Diakonissen og Lillebælt) taking an education with health-related topics.

A minimum of 12 and a maximum of 32.

The elective will take place preferably at Campus Nørrebro, Sigurdsgade 26.

It runs for 6 weeks. From week 6 to the end of week 11.

Global Nutrition and Health (GNH)
University College Copenhagen (KP)
Sigurdsgade 26
2200 København N

The course is worth 10 ECTS points, divided into theory (4 ECTS) and application (6 ECTS).

Anvendt biostatistik

When you start - Literature

Additions can follow, but will be for free for course participants (on IntraPol)

  • Urdan, T.C. (2010) Statistics in Plain English
    3rd ed. Routledge, New York. ISBN: 978-0-415-87291-1.
  • Dalgaard, P. Introductory Statistics with R
    2nd ed. (2008), Springer. ISBN: 978-0-387-79053-4.
  • Kirkwood B.R. and Sterne J.A.C. (2003) Essential medical statistics
    2nd ed. (copies available at the campus library).

Optional reading

  • Lattin, J.; Carroll, D.; Green, P.E. Analyzing Multivariate Data (with CD-ROM)
    1st ed. (2003) Brooks/Cole-Thomson Learning, ISBN13: 978-0-534-34974-5



Alexandr Parlesak
PhD, lecturer
Phone 24296275