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Studerende i cafeeen på Campus Sigurdsgade

Campus Nørrebro, Sigurdsgade

Campus Sigurdsgade is our second largest campus and offers a great number of different programmes. The campus boasts a unique multi-disciplinary culture where different programmes mingle closely with each other. Every programme has made its specific mark to the place and pictures and objects revealing the history and identity of the various programmes are visible throughout the building, from the 300-year-old Midwifery degree to the more recent Emergency and Risk Management programme.
Campus Sigurdsgade offers the following programmes:


Campus Sigurdsgade offers a variety of new facilities available to students at all times, such as:

  • Reading room
  • Study areas
  • Canteen
  • Library
  • Gymnastics hall

Social activities

Student life here has plenty to offer beyond reading thick books. There are lots of activities within the various programmes, as well as on the campus in general.

Sigurds Bar is the weekly Friday Bar, open from 1 in the afternoon to 3 at night. It is a great place to meet new friends or just relax with your classmates over a game of table football . Check out Sigurds Bar’s Facebook page.

At the start of each term we throw an introduction party, where new students get a chance to get to know some of the older students better. Theme parties ranging from Casino Night to Full Moon are also popular events held throughout the year.

Students at Copenhagen University College are involved in forming their own student life, therefore ideas for new activities are always welcome.

If you want to find out more, visit Campus Sigurdsgade Facebook page.


Campus Sigurdsgade
Sigurdsgade 26
2200 København N
Tlf: +45 70 89 09 90
Note: phone number and e-mail address are for KP’s headquarter at Campus Carlsberg


The newly open metro line M3 is running from the station Skjolds Plads, which is around 500 metres from the campus.

Handicap facilities

All floors at Sigurdsgade are serviced by lifts from the ground floor. For more details, please contact the reception.