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How to apply

If you are a student and you wish to come to KP for an exchange programme, please make sure that your home institution is among KP’s partner institutions. Only students from partner institutions can take part in an exchange programme at KP. If you don’t know whether your institution is a KP partner, please check the list KP Partners or contact the international coordinator at your home institution to learn more about your exchange possibilities. International courses taught at KP are only offered to exchange students, and KP does not offer full degrees taught in English.

The application deadlines for exchange at KP are:

Autumn Semester:

  • March 1st: Nursing Students
  • April 1st: Students who need a visa
  • May 1st: EU/EEA Students

Spring Semester:

  • October 1st: Students who need a visa and Nursing Students
  • November 1st: EU/EEA Students

You have to be nominated by your home institution for an exchange programme at KP. When you have been nominated, you will receive a link from KP to an online application form that you must complete and submit. You can also request the link to the application form at international@kp.dk .When your application has been processed, you will receive an e-mail from KP to inform you whether you have been accepted. If you have been accepted, you will receive further information about your upcoming exchange programme at KP (this information will either be contained in the initial acceptance email or sent to you shortly afterwards).

Students can usually expect a decision on their application 14 days after the application deadline.

Before applying, prepare following attachments for your online application:

  • Passport photo
  • Motivational letter (pdf)
  • Academic transcript of records (pdf)
  • Certificate of Bachelor/Master Degree (if applicable) (pdf)
  • Photocopy of identity document (in Latin alphabet) or of your passport (pdf) Your application provides the basis for the Learning Agreement and the planning on our part of your exchange period.

The Application Form also serves as the key tool for the planning and corporation between you and your clinical supervisor.

If you are doing an internship or clinical placement you will have to fill out a Training Agreement.
Send us a draft of your Learning Agreement or Training Agreement immediately after you have sent your application.

You will need to send your Learning Agreement for Traineeships or Learning Agreement for Studies soon after completing the online application

To complete your Learning agreement for traineeships/studies, you must have the following information ready:

  • Contact information for ‘contact person’ (administrative) of sending institution
  • List (A) of educational components equivalent of min. 30 ECTS per semester or 15 ECTS per trimester + list (B) of what components they replace
  • Be aware that you must qualify for English level B2
  • Contact information for ‘responsible person’ (an academic with authority to approve learning agreements).
  • Signature by ‘responsible persons’ from both sending and receiving institution + yourself are required.

If you are doing an internship/clinical placement you need a Learning Agreement for Traineeships, and if you are only going to study you need a Learning Agreement for Studies. However, there are different learning agreements depending on whether you applying for exchange through Erasmus+, Nordplus or other bilateral agreements.

Housing for exchange students

University College Copenhagen (KP) assists enrolled exchange students in finding furnished housing during their stay at KP. We strongly recommend you to familiarise yourself with the conditions for finding housing for students in the greater Copenhagen area.


Find out if you need a visa to study in Denmark and how you apply for a Visa.


Prior to your departure for Denmark we strongly encourage you to purchase Private Liability/Insurance while studying in Copenhagen.

Credit system and recognition

Learn more about the credit system and the grading scale i Denmark

Language, culture and Danish course

As an exchange student at KP – University College Copenhagen (KP), you may have the opportunity to learn Danish. You may be eligible for the free Danish Language Education Programme or you may attend Studieskolens Danish classes together with fellow students.

Students with access needs

KP welcomes applications from students and staff with access needs. We strive to support all students and staff so that they can take full advantage of mobility arrangements within Erasmus+ and other mobility programmes.

More information

Below you will find useful links and information regarding your stay in Denmark as a student.

Contact us

E-mail: international@kp.dk
Phone: +45 72 48 75 45

Please find a list of all international coordinators at KP:

Justin Bruce Karlson JUKA@kp.dk

Birgitte Damgaard BVD4@kp.dk

Jeppe Lindhardtsen JEPL@kp.dk

Annette Bruun ANB4@kp.dk

Charlotte Algreen Brønsted CAB@kp.dk

Karina Estrup Eriksen KEER@kp.dk

Sabine Lam lu-international@kp.dk
Thomas Gabriel Piaster thpi@kp.dk

Dorthea Funder Kaas DFKA@kp.dk

Dorthe Høvids Possing DHPO@kp.dk

Anita Klein Gregersen ANKG@kp.dk

Maren Marie Egedorf MAEG@kp.dk

Pernille Ohrt van Eeckhout pve@ign.ku.dk

Louise No Myrup LOMY@kp.dk

Anne Karin Bendix Duus AKD@kp.dk

Minna Fyhn Lykke Llado MILL@kp.dk

Lisbeth Elvira de Vries LIDV@kp.dk

Lisbeth Elvira de Vries LIDV@kp.dk

Line Wedfall LIWE@kp.dk

Kirsten Hasman KHAS@kp.dk

Jette Tegner JETE@kp.dk
Lisbeth Vinberg Engel LIEN@kp.dk

North Zealand
Mette Madsen MEMA@kp.dk

Lene Folkmann Ipsen Lene.Ipsen@bhsund.dk

Jan W. B. Pedersen janp@ucdiakonissen.dk

Betina Ada Rasmussen BTRA@kp.dk

Bente Annie Sørine Andersen XBAS@kp.dk

Ingrid Arild Jensen INAJ@kp.dk

Marianne Søgaard Andersen MSAN@kp.dk

Runa Midtvåge RUMI@kp.dk