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Insurance information

University College Copenhagen (KP) assumes no responsibility for loss of or damage to the personal property of students or guests. Students are not covered by any insurance policies taken out by KP.

Prior to your departure for Denmark we strongly encourage you to purchase Private Liability/Insurance while studying in Copenhagen:

  • Public liability/Third-party liability insurance, to cover expenses if you have to pay compensation to another person
  • Accident insurance, to cover financial consequences of an accident
  • Home insurance, to cover loss or damage of your personal belongings
  • Car insurance, to cover damage and repairs if you have a car while you are in Denmark
  • Health insurance (to cover you until you have registered and received your Danish health card (“Sundhedskort”), it may take 2 weeks or more


It is mandatory for exchange students and free movers to take out insurance that covers repatriation in case of severe illness, as this is not covered by ordinary health insurance.

Students staying in accommodation arranged by KP are required to obtain Private Liability Insurance covering Personal property, home and contents, burglary, theft and loss.

Students from EU and EEA countries are required to bring their EU Health Insurance card which entitles to the same health services as Danish citizens who need urgent medical treatment. However, if you plan to stay for more than three months, you will have to apply for the Danish health insurance card upon arrival. Please read more about the EU health card.

Students in internships or placements

Public Liability / Third-Party Liability

All international students undertaking public-sector placements organised by University College Copenhagen are covered for public liability/third-party liability while studying and doing an intern ship or placement arranged by KP in public organisations as schools, hospitals or secondary health care sector.

For private-sector placements, the student must seek guidance from the international coordinator on the specific conditions in each case.

Industrial injury

All international students undertaking placements organised by KP in the public health care sector are covered for industrial injury. For private-sector placements, the student must seek guidance from the international coordinator on the specific conditions in each case.

Other Insurance Policies

You may take out an insurance policy with for instance International Health Insurance (IHI) or DR-Walter which both offers different kinds of coverage. The IHI insurance offers different kinds of coverage. You have to consider your need for insurance carefully and make sure that it gives full protection in case of acute illness, injury and emergency repatriation/ medical evacuation back to your home country. For further information we have listed some opportunities below.

For instance:

General insurance with Danish providers

With regard to general insurance (personal possessions, accident and liability), you may contact the following Danish insurance companies if you are not able to take out an insurance prior to your departure. The companies provide information in English if you give them a call. Please note that it is also important that you take out a House Contents Insurance. The companies listed below cover students on short term stays in Denmark.