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Research and development

Research and Development at University College Copenhagen (KP) creates new knowledge and concrete solutions to challenges within the professions we teach in close collaboration with national and international stakeholders.

We attach great value to international partnerships and network participation, viewing our partners as a source of inspiration and innovation in our endeavours to strengthen research and development.

Research and development that addresses challenges in practice

KP aims to produce research and development relevant to the significant societal challenges that our professionals work passionately to overcome. KP’s research and development enables professionals to provide more qualified task solutions for citizens, organisations and companies by generating concrete knowledge and further qualifying the professional space.

We do this by:

  • Developing and testing tools, methods and interventions for professionals in practice
  • Focusing on the potential to scale research projects to include several professionals

Research programmes

KP’s research and development activities are organised into research programmes. Each research programme addresses a key societal challenge that our professionals are committed to solving.

  • Digitalisation in the school (Lars Bo Andersen lboa@kp.dk)
  • Diversity and Participation in the school (Maria Christina Secher Schmidt mrsc@kp.dk)
  • Development of didactics in the school (Bjørn Friis Johannsen bjfj@kp.dk)
  • Pedagogical work supporting a good childhood life (Vibe Larsen VL6@kp.dk)
  • Pedagogical work with vulnerable youth and adults (Vibe Larsen VL6@kp.dk)
  • Attractive and relevant vocational training (Camilla Hutters cahu@kp.dk)
  • Care and treatment to patients in everyday life (Gitte Wind giwi@kp.dk)
  • care and treatment of vulnerable elderly patients (Benjamin Miguel Olivares Bøgeskov bos3@kp.dk)
  • Meals for the elderly (Berit Jelsbak Mortensen bejm@kp.dk)
  • Pregnancy, birth, and family formation (Mette Juhl meju@kp.dk)
  • Health efforts for citizens on the edge of the labour market (Mikkel Bek Clausen mibc@kp.dk)
  • Automation and data processing in laboratory technology (Lisbeth Elvira de Vries lidv@kp.dk)
  • Effective bioanalytical diagnostics (Leif Kofoed Nielsen leif@kp.dk)
  • Personal imaging diagnostics and treatment in radiography (Katrine Skal Madsen ksma@kp.dk)
  • Collaborative Management (Tove Enggrob Boon toeb@kp.dk)
  • Implementing and anchoring in practices close to citizens (Tove Enggrob Boon toeb@kp.dk)
  • Risk Management and Social Security (Lars Pagter Zwisler lazw@kp.dk)
  • Digital administration (Mette Baltzer Hansen mebh@kp.dk)
  • Social work with vulnerable children and youth (Frank Cloyd Ebsen freb@kp.dk)
  • Social work with vulnerable adults (Inge Storgaard Bonfils inbo@kp.dk)
  • Social work in the employment area (Inge Storgaard Bonfils inbo@kp.dk)


Please contact us if you have questions, if you are interested in working with us, or if you need more information.

Head of Research and Development
Erik Caparros Højbjerg
+45 41 89 75 65

Julie Nørgaard Hansen
+45 20 34 33 18