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Collaborative Online International Learning, COIL

Supporting international perspectives in curriculum for all students through Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

About COIL

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is a globally widespread and recognised teaching method, supporting online interaction and collaboration between students from two (or more) different countries on a subject-specific teaching assignment or activity and as an integrated part of curriculum. A COIL project is thereby strengthening students’ intercultural and digital competencies as well as international perspectivation and contextualisation of curriculum.

The term virtual mobility is sometimes also used to underline that COIL is not referring to physical mobility in the exchange country but to international meetings enabled by technology and as an integrated part of everyday teaching at home. In that sense, COIL is an “internationalisation at home” activity that supports the unfolding of an international perspective in curriculum for all students at KP and at KP’s international partner institutions.

COIL Projects

KP supports the unfolding, experimentation with, and integration of COIL projects into the everyday learning environments of our students to strengthen international, intercultural, and digital competencies. We welcome interested international partners to join us in this endeavour.

Please contact Rikke Pedersen, international office RIPE@kp.dk if you are interested in realising a COIL project together with us. All project ideas are more than welcome.

The projects

KP Social Education & UEW Ghana

The COIL project between Social Education at KP and University of Education Winneba in Ghana explores different approaches to playing, fighting, and dancing in Denmark and Ghana through the exchange and exploration of videos and exercises produced by students. By an experientially exploration of new approaches the project provides an international perspective on body and movement.

KP Social Education & Socialpedagogical education in Ilulissat, Grønland

This COIL project between Social Education at KP and Socialpedagogical Education in Ilulissat, Greenland focuses on digital vulnerability and aims for students from Greenland and Denmark to explore different pedagogical approaches to digital vulnerability – as well as to investigate different national digitalization contexts framing digital pedagogical approaches.


Rikke Pedersen
International office
e-mail: RIPE@kp.dk