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Students at KP

Housing for exchange students

University College Copenhagen (KP) assists enrolled exchange students in finding furnished housing during their stay at KP. We strongly recommend you to familiarise yourself with the conditions for finding housing for students in the greater Copenhagen area.

Please find relevant and important information on Study in Denmark. In addition, you can find information on international.kk.dk.

Be careful when looking for housing on your own and never pay anything in advance.

We recommend that you start looking for accommodation a few months before your arrival in Denmark or as soon as you have been accepted to a study programme, as it can be very difficult to find accommodation in the greater Copenhagen area. Remember to look for furnished housing. Student residences are usually not furnished, except the ones offered by KP Housing service. Private accommodations are normally furnished.

You can read more about finding housing at Study in Denmark.

Avoiding housing scams

Remember to be careful if you search for housing on different online housing portals, and never pay in advance. Unfortunately, we experience students being victims of fraud almost every semester, where they are tricked into paying for housing in advance. Either the address does not exist or the person living there has nothing to do with the rental offer. Read more about how to avoid housing scams at Study in Denmark under their section ‘Avoid housing scams’.

Generator Hostel

If you are looking for accommodation for a shorter period or if you have not been able to find a place to stay during your study, KP recommends that you search for hostels in the Copenhagen area as this is usually the cheapest form of accommodation.
KP has an agreement with Generator Hostel on discounted rates for stays at their hostel. The agreement gives 15% discount on the different rooms. Generator Hostel, 15% discount. You can read more about the agreement here.

KP strives to find accommodation for as many incoming students as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee to find housing for all students due to the shortage of housing in the greater Copenhagen area.

Be aware that if KP Housing send you a housing offer it will be the only one you receive. If you reject the housing offer or miss the deadline for completing the process, the room will be offered to the next student on the waiting list.

Incoming students will be housed in either private homes or student residences with other students. Please note that student residences are not separated by gender so you might share common facilities such as kitchen and bathroom with students of mixed gender. If you are offered a double room at a student residence you will always share room with a student of the same gender.

Please be prepared that the commute from your home to KP might be between half an hour and an hour each way, this is not unusual in the greater Copenhagen area.

When to apply for housing

Housing application opens on 15 November for the spring semester and on 15 May for the autumn semester.

Payment information

Rent is paid on a monthly or full semester basis depending on the type of accommodation. A deposit may also be charged up front.
If the rent is charged for each semester, it will be independent from the actual study period of the semester.

Housing in the Copenhagen area is generally expensive, with prices varying between DKK 2500-6000 per month. Some places will charge rent for the entire semester up front.

Types of accommodation

KP offers a wide range of different accommodation for students. This can either be in a student residence, a room in a privately-owned apartment or a house through a private landlord. Please note that we are unable to accommodate any specific preferences.

Room in student residence

The student residences are located in the greater Copenhagen area. Depending on your study institution or placement, you may expect a daily commute of up to one hour each way.

Student residence rooms are simply furnished with a minimum of a bed, desk, desk chair, closet and a lamp. There will also be a towel, bedding and linen available. Bathrooms are either private or shared with other students. The kitchen is typically shared with other students.

Upon arrival, you will receive further information about keys or door code.

Private accommodation

KP Housing can facilitate contact to a limited number of single and double rooms in private homes through private landlords.

The room will be furnished, and you will have access to kitchen, bathroom and internet.

If you accept the housing offer, you and the landlord are responsible for agreeing on the terms of your accommodation, e.g. the rental agreement, the procedure for payment and return of deposit, the handover of keys and any other practical matters

How to apply for accommodation through KP Housing

When you apply for exchange at KP you can indicate in the application form that you want to use KP’s housing services.

Please note that all international exchange students are required to obtain insurance before arrival. For further information, please read our insurance page carefully.

KP does not offer any insurance, this is typically handled by your regular insurance company in your home country.
For help regarding insurance, please contact the international coordinator from your home institution or ask students who have previously been on exchange about how they handled the insurance issue.

Before the housing application opens you will receive an email with the acceptance letter and information on how to apply for housing including a link to the housing application page.

Follow the link to get to the application form for housing.

Please fill in all the mandatory fields in the housing application form and submit the application.

Due to shortage of housing options, please send your application as soon as the application procedure opens.

Wait for us to process your application. If we have a housing offer for you, you can expect to receive the offer approximately two to six weeks after you have applied.
Please notice that due to a limited number of housing opportunities we cannot guarantee that you are accommodated via KP’s housing service. However, we will do our best to provide you with a housing offer.

The housing offer will be sent to you KP study mail so please check your inbox regularly. We kindly ask you to respond promptly once we have made you an offer. If you choose to decline the offer, or if you do not respond by the stated deadline, the offer will be given to another exchange student.

Please notice that an accepted housing offer is binding and irrevocable.

After accepting your housing offer, you will be contacted by your respective landlord or residence. Here you will receive further information about the rental agreement, payment details, key pickup and move-in date, as well as other practical issues handled directly with the landlord.

Applicants should pay the rent for the housing through online banking or at a bank or post office. Applicants are responsible for any transfer and exchange costs.

Rent should be paid and received in Danish krone (DKK). If the rent is transferred in Euro, the amount must cover all bank fees, transfer and exchange costs. If the full amount is not paid the applicant will charged and will not be able to move into the house before the payment has been made. Full semester payments must be paid on time ahead of your arrival following the specific instructions by your landlord. A deposit may also be charged up front. Please notice that you are liable to pay rent for the whole duration of the semester, even if you arrive late or move out early.

Please note that rent contracts are non-terminable and the rent is non-refundable.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding housing, please send an email to housing@kp.dk