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Eduroam for students and staff

Eduroam gives students and staff at KP wireless access to the Internet.

Eduroam is a global collaboration where research and education institutions provide each other’s students and staff with access to wireless networks across institutions. This will allow you to use your KP login to log on to eduroam when you visit another university.

Setup of Eduroam

Before you can use eduroam, it must be installed on your devices: smartphones, tablets or laptops.
Install eduroam using an installation package. Find it here: eduroam CAT
Note that as a user you are obliged to use an installation package or follow the directions from KP. Some devices may connect to eduroam without the installation package. But then you run the risk of disclosing your username and password to strangers because the security is not set correctly. It is therefore recommended that you always use a CAT installation package.

Here's how you do it

1. Run the small program eduroam installer, downloaded from cat.eduroam.org , If your device is running Android, install this app from Google play: eduroam Cat (Google Play)
2. The username and password are the same you use for KP login

If you are a guest at KP

If you come as a guest at KP, you can use your login from your own institution to gain access to KP’s eduroam network, provided that your institution is part of the roaming project. You can see if this is the case at www.eduroam.dk
KP’s SSID to eduroam is “eduroam”. The security settings must be set to WPA2-Enterprise with AES encryption.
The wireless network provides encrypted access to the Internet.