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Diagnostic imaging examinations and radiation therapy

This programme offers no modules in English.

Our full degree programme at bachelor level is taught in Danish. If you are fluent in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian, you may study our full degree programme (see our Danish website)

Practice placement

For Practice Placement, please contact our International Coordinator.

About the programme

Radiographers work in high-tech departments and carry out diagnostic imaging examinations and radiation therapy. Radiographers also assist in selected treatments using diagnostic imaging methods under guidance. In all types of examinations and treatments, the radiographer provides care for a wide range of patients with differing needs for health services.

The radiographer possesses a high level of theoretical knowledge in health, human, social and natural sciences. In Denmark, radiographers are trained for three clinical specialisations: Radiological Imaging, Nuclear Medicine Imaging and Radiotherapy. The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Radiography has a strong focus on research and development in the area of “Imaging in therapeutic and diagnostic processes”.


International Coordinator: Line Wedfall LIWE@kp.dk