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Occupational therapy

Trains students to design everyday life

This programme offers no modules in English.

Our full degree programme at bachelor level is taught in Danish. If you are fluent in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian, you may study our full degree programme (see our Danish website)

Practice placement

For Practice Placement, please contact our International Coordinator.

About the programme

Occupational therapists impact the daily life and future of clients. They work with body and psyche, ill and healthy people, young and old, using creativity and personal insight to tailor individual solutions.

Occupational therapists can work as i.e. working environment consultants, designers of aids, counsellors, caseworkers in municipalities, social psychiatry, at hospitals, at child care centres, special schools or as researchers or managers.

Students learn about health and illness supporting the citizen to choose, organise, and carry out the activities that concern them in their daily lives. Internships are an integral part, enabling students to develop and test therapeutic skills and theoretical knowledge. Students can choose from many lines of work while interning, i.e. rehabilitation, development of aids, occupational health and ergonomics, rehabilitation and treatment of children.


International coordinator: Betina Ada Rasmussen BTRA@kp.dk