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Biomedical laboratory science

Analysing biological material from humans.

This programme offers no modules in English.

Our full degree programme at bachelor level is taught in Danish. If you are fluent in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian, you may study our full degree programme (see our Danish website)

Practice Placement

For Practice Placement, please contact our International Coordinator. Practice Placement is only possible for KP international partners.

About the programme

Bachelors of Biomedical Laboratory Science work in laboratories analysing biological material from humans, such as blood and tissue samples. A doctor uses the analysis results to make a diagnosis. Thereby, the biomedical scientist’s work is significant for patients to receive the best possible treatment.

The programme is for students interested in health care, technology and natural sciences, possessing competencies in chemistry, biology and pathology. Students select a specialisation depending on their own interests and whether they would like to focus on laboratory work or patient contact.


International coordinator: Minna Fyhn Lykke Llado MILL@kp.dk