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Interprofessional collaboration

Copenhagen University College offers interprofessional courses for students enrolled in a number of educational programmes on bachelor level.

Why interprofessional courses?

Graduates from bachelor programmes will be faced with complex problems not solved solely within one educational field. Therefore it is expected that graduates can collaborate in task solving across professions, structures and organizations. This calls for new skills.

What will I learn in the interprofessional course?

On all interprofessional courses the core learning objective is collaboration where you bring your professionalism and experience into play in the joint work process.

Therefore, you work together in a team with students from different educational programmes with the aim of learning about, with and from each other. You will train team collaboration where you will distribute and coordinate tasks, roles and responsibilities and bring each other’s skills into play in joint task solutions, i.e. by leading team meetings and giving each other feedback.

When does the course run?

In the fall semester, the course begins in week 49 and ends in week 4. 8 different courses are offered; 7 Danish and one English.

Description of Interprofessional Collaboration

The purpose of Interprofessional Collaboration is for the students to develop
competencies in working together across professions and sectors.

They learn to apply their professional expertise in collaboration with other professions and with citizens.