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Campus Bornholm english

Campus Bornholm

Far away from the city wedged in between a cliffside and the Kaolin lake, the University College Copenhagen’s Campus Bornholm is situated. It is a rare and intimate campus in a historical and naturally unique place. From the campus, sharp cliffs, sandy beaches and deep woods are just a bike ride away.
At Campus Bornholm we offer following programmes:


The brand-new premises include the latest IT systems available and modern facilities which the students are welcome to use outside teaching hours. These include:

  • Library
  • Study centre
  • Study café
  • Group rooms

Social activities

Students at Campus Bornholm have a wide range of options once they finish tuition for the day. Apart from study groups, the campus supports activities across programmes such as:

Educational cafés can refer to events with invited guest speakers, but can also mean:

  • BA café is an opportunity to hear graduate students talk about their bachelor project
  • Internship café is where experienced students share insights about their placement experience
  • International café is a chance to hear students present their experiences of studying abroad

Minimum once every term we present ‘Academic Year Meetings’, where the Head of Programme meets all students to discuss and share information about the programme.

Most Thursdays at 10.15 students and staff from the department of further education studies meet for assembly. Apart from morning singing, these events provide an opportunity to share important information, and representatives from the different programmes also present the latest progress of their courses.

Throughout the campus there are several group rooms and open plan workstations for the students to use.

Students are encouraged to take an active part in student politics. You can either join the Student Council for further education programmes or the Student Council for your programme.

Cambus Bornholm - bøger og hånd


Campus Bornholm
Minervavej 1
3700 Rønne
Phone: +45 56 95 97 00
Mail: post@cabh.dk