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The largest nursing programme in Denmark

Our full degree programme at bachelor level is taught in Danish. If you are fluent in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian, you may study our full degree programme – see our Danish website.

Modules in English

Campus Tagensvej 86 in Copenhagen

Campus North Zealand in Hillerød

Practice Placement

We welcome exchange students in Practice Placement. We offer the following:

  • INTERNSHIP AND EXAM, 6th Semester 27.01-31.01 Welcome week, 03.02.2020-26.06.2020 – 31,5 ECTS
  • INDIVIDUAL LENGTH, 6th Semester 27.01-31.01 Welcome week, 03.02.2020 –

Please contact our International Coordinator.

About the programme

A professional BA in nursing qualifies you to become a registered nurse in Denmark and many other countries. Studying for a BA in nursing at KP will provide you with the skills necessary to fully understand and analyse the life circumstances of your patients.

The Department of Nursing is part of the Faculty of Health and Technology and provides Denmark’s largest nursing degree programme as well as a range of vocational and research-oriented activities in Copenhagen and the Greater Copenhagen Area. Approximately 2800 nursing students are enrolled in the programme, and 140 educators, researchers, PhD students and administrative staff members are employed in the programme.

Deadlines for application

Spring Semester 2020
Students who need a study visa: October 1st
Students who do not need a study visa: November 1st

Autumn Semester 2020
Students who need a study visa: April 1st
Students who do not need a study visa: May 1st

Application for exchange students

Students must be nominated by their home institution. Nominated students will receive an e-mail with information about application and accommodation.

How to apply

Please find information about application, accommodation, visa, insurance etc. on our How to apply-page.


International coordinators:

  • Mette Madsen mema@kp.dk (Greater Copenhagen/North Zealand Department)
  • Jette Tegner JETE@kp.dk & Lisbeth Vinberg Engel LIEN@kp.dk (The Copenhagen Department)