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The learning and development of the learner

For students in: Teacher Education
ECTS: 10
AtCampus Carlsberg, Copenhagen
Language: English
Period: Spring and autumn

This module provides an introduction to psychological perspectives on pupils’ academic, social and personal development. The module comprises the following three areas of study:

  • Knowledge of how relations and interactions (child-parent, pupil-pupil and teacher-pupil) influence development, attachment, play and learning
  • Moral and social development
  • Self-concept, identity and personality
  • Knowledge of how interaction (pupil-pupil and teacher-pupil) influences learning
  • Learning difficulties and special needs
  • Motivation
  • Classroom culture
  • Knowledge of how to communicate, cooperate and work in groups
  • Theories on group dynamics, social structures, exclusion and inclusion, conflict management and bullying
  • Insight to and practice with conflict management tools and prevention of bullying

The teaching method in class varies between lectures, group work, discussions and case-analysis.

How to apply

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International coordinator: Sabine Lam lu-international@kp.dk