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International Practicum


The International Practicum includes 30 days at a primary and lower secondary school.

Lecturers at KP introduce the students to the Danish school system and Danish teacher education, with the aim of examining the Danish school system in a comparative perspective, based on the students’ previous experiences. Emphasis is placed on the preamble of the Danish Education Act and pivotal concepts such as democratic education, parent involvement and classroom leadership. The students will work in groups and collaborate during the practicum. They will be introduced to action research as a method.

The host school will attach the students to a practice teacher at the school, who will be responsible for providing feedback on the progress and performance of the students during the school attachment.

Halfway through the school attachment, a joint counseling session at the practice school takes place with participation of practice teacher, UC-lecturer, and students.

Module core knowledge

The module is centered on theory and recent research regarding:

  • The Danish public school system and its social role
  • Democratic education
  • Classroom leadership
  • Parent involvement

The module is based on methods and practical advice concerning:

  • Comparative analysis of pedagogical research questions
  • Examination of practice through action research
  • Collaborative work in practice groups

For full description: https://www.kp.dk/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/studieordning-lu-kp-del-3-modul-fag-og-proevebeskrivelser-samt-kursusbeskrivelser-2022-2023.pdf page 648