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Integration of physical activity in everyday teaching practice


In this module, we work with the physiological and psychological connections between physical activity and learning, including how physical activity can be integrated as a part of the teaching professional’s competence, taking into account the academic goals for teaching in schools.

We will explore how physical activity is and can become a part of the school day, and we will examine the school reform’s importance and goals for precisely this area. We will work both theoretically and practically with physical activity as a part of the school day, taking our point of departure in the teaching subjects that the students in the group are studying.

Whenever possible, we will work with interdisciplinary learning processes, since physical activity in the school day goes across different subjects and timetables.

This module also includes outdoor teaching as a basis for movement.

Scientific foundation

This interdisciplinary module will take its point of departure in scientific, humanistic and social scientific knowledge areas and theories, where the connection between theory and practice will be of central importance.

This module addresses the competence areas in the teaching subjects the students in the group are studying.