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Cultural Studies

The module: Cultural studies’ is offered for students of an international profile at Department of Teacher Education and exchange students.

For students in: Teacher Education
ECTS: 10
At: Campus Carlsberg, Copenhagen
Language: English
Period: Spring and autumn

The module aims to develop students’ interdisciplinary teaching competencies in English and social studies based on Cultural Studies.

Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary field that is concerned with culture and politics with a focus on processes, opportunities for action, historicity, and subjectivity.

These, among other things, examine the representation of different kinds of identities, gender, sexuality, race, class, education, religion, age, etc.

Culture is seen as constructed in discourses (non-essentialist view of culture), which examine why certain discourses exist in particular contexts and what consequences it may have.

The module deals with culture, norms, society, and knowledge of the world in a global citizen perspective.