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Social Work Quality Assurance, Evaluation and Practice Development

The module focuses on development of social work through documentation, quality assurance, and evaluation.

Great emphasis is placed on different methods of project work, innovation, and social entrepreneurship. Relevant perspectives, theories, and methods for documentation, evaluation, and quality assurance are included.

Learning objectives

The student possesses knowledge about:

  • Central paradigms and theories of social work
  • Concepts and standards for documentation and evaluation of quality
  • Methods for development and evaluation

The student possesses the skills to:

  • Identify, describe, and delimit needs for further development in practice
  • Search for and apply relevant empirical and research-based knowledge
  • Analyse social performances with involvement of the expected effect, quality, and cost

The student possesses the competencies to:

  • Apply methods to develop, document, and evaluate social performances in a practical context
  • Involve relevant user groups and user perspectives


Students submit a project report. Individual grading is based on this and an oral presentation in the form of a opponent group seminar.


Dorthe Juliane Høvids

Senior Lecturer, International Coordinator

+45 51 63 27 46