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Campus Hillerød - Studerende spiller bordtennis

Campus North Zealand

Campus Hillerød
Carlsbergvej 14
3400 Hillerød
Tel: +45 70 890 990
Email: info@kp.dk


It only takes around 5 minutes to walk from Hillerød Station to campus. There are trains every 10 minutes, and buses in all directions from Hillerød Station.
There are car parks around the campus, but it can be difficult to find a space after 8.30-9.00. Alternative parking is available by Teglgård lake at the end of Carlsbergvej (10 minute walk).


At North Zealand students can access several brand new facilities at all times, such as:

  • Fitness room
  • Library
  • Study café
  • Natural science café
  • Media centre
  • Canteen

Social activities

You are guaranteed to meet a wide range of people at North Zealand. Students and lecturers are drawn from many walks of life, with a considerable spread of ages.

The weekly Friday Café offers a great chance to meet new friends or hang out with fellow students over a game of table football, backgammon or a beer. The Café hosts major annual parties for Halloween, Christmas and summer, as well as plenty of other events.

The Study Start Fun Run is an initiative which brings together Hillerød’s shops, educational institutions, the local municipality and social clubs for a run and some celebrations, marking the start of the academic year for the town’s approximately 2000 youngsters.

Campus Hillerød has its own choir, where every student is welcome. The repertoire is primarily rhythmic soul/rock, but we are happy to try out new things.

We strongly believe that students and staff should be able to play an active part in the development of the programmes and the environment in which they are delivered. The following councils are currently active:

  • Student Council (DSR)
  • Campus North Zealand Council
  • Café Council
  • Canteen Committee
  • PLS (Pædagogstuderendes Landssammenslutning)
  • LSU
  • Working Environment Committee
  • Green Council

Additionally, there are a wide range of committees and social initiatives as part of the individual programmes. If you want to find out more, follow us on North Zealand Facebook page. You can also see some of the student Instagram pics from North Zealand