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Campus Frederiksberg, Teacher Education

Campus Frederiksberg on Nyelandsvej in the heart of Frederiksberg is one of the few campuses of University College Copenhagen with just one programme: Teacher Education. It is smaller and more intimate than the other campuses, allowing students to form close relationships, not only with each other but also with lecturers and staff.

Social activities

Student life at Campus Frederiksberg has a lot to offer beyond studies. Teacher Education students are renowned for their social engagement, and a lot of clubs, associations and activities are based on Nyelandsvej. They are often called something based on the name “Fred”, since the programme was initially called Frederiksberg Seminarium.

Kultus is our party committee, welcoming anyone ready to cook up a party! It includes a range of different groups that works to make sure that the party is all set at 10pm, when the rest of the institute joins. We always help each other and hope that you want to join your peers in the party committee, to ensure we throw parties everyone can enjoy! Check out the party committee’s Facebook page.

SolTinget is a forum consisting of the ‘Lærerstuderendes Landskreds’ teachers’ union (LL) and the Student Council, working for the rights of the students of Teacher Education. They sit on various committees and are always happy to put on events and talks to help students get the most out of their education. Check out SolTinget’s Facebook page.

Do you enjoy writing? Do you like to be where things are happening? Then you should get involved in the student paper FredsBlad. They write articles covering everything from studies, to climate and politics. Check out FredsBlad’s website.

If you are keen to try out a new sport, want a badminton partner, or just want to do some yoga, take a closer look at FredSIF. A sports club for students, where you can take part in a range of different sporting activities every afternoon. Check out FredSIF’s website.

Anyone who enjoys playing an instrument or likes to sing their heart out is welcome in FredsJam. Here, members spend their time in the rehearsal rooms when they are not busy studying. If you are lucky you might see them at the Friday Bar, where they perform now and again. Check out FredsJam’s Facebook page.

If you love standing in the spotlight, join the drama group FredsTeater. Their most recent show was “Dear Parents”, which portrayed the classical parent-teacher meeting and its mosaic of intrigues. Check out FredsTeater.

Just like our other campuses, Frederiksberg Campus has many different clubs and associations. Whether you enjoy get-togethers in FredsLounge, a walk in the park with SolBær, or poetry readings and discussions in FredsPoesi, we hope there is something for everyone. We encourage you to be curious and willing to try new things, so that you can find the community or activity that works best for you!

Find more details on the Facebook page for Teacher Education studies at Frederiksberg or check out student Instagram pics from Campus Frederiksberg.


Teacher Education study programme Frederiksberg
Nyelandsvej 27-29
2000 Frederiksberg
Phone number: +45 70 89 09 90
E-mail: info@kp.dk
(Please note: the staff answering the phone and e-mail might be working at other addresses than Frederiksberg)


There is a two-hour parking limit for the whole of Frederiksberg.
The metro lines M1, M2 and M3 run to Frederiksberg metro station, which is only a 2 minute walk away.
Buses 30, 4A and 8A all stop close by.