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KP International Week 2024 April 8-10

Digital lives – balancing potentials and challenges

How do we develop digital literacy and skills in education and practice in a global world infused with technology?

Our lives are increasingly digitized, which opens to new possibilities, but also challenges existing practices and ethical considerations. New technologies are connecting our worlds, paving the way for new communities and a continued global dialogue. But technologies are also infusing and infiltrating our worlds at different paces, creating inequality both locally and globally and fostering uncertainties about how to prepare for and use technologies constructively and critically in our everyday lives, in our educational system and within our professions.

As higher education institutions we are confronted with an accelerated development of new technologies. We therefore wish to invite you to an international debate about possibilities and challenges related to our digital lives – to support the implementation of adequate measures to educate and prepare our students for a digitized global world.

At the yearly KP International Week, we celebrate international collaboration in relation to our various academic fields – and we also invite you to join us for an international debate on how to create knowledge for participating constructively and critically in a digitized society.



Registration is now open. Deadline to register is December 15, 2023.

Please contact International@kp.dk for any questions.

(KP students and staff do not have to register. Events are open).

  • Monday, April 8th

    Digital lives – balancing potentials and challenges

    Open lectures and debates for all students and staff.

  • Tuesday, April 9th

    How do we develop digital literacy and skills in education and practice in a global world infused with technology?

    Staff sessions.

  • Wednesday, April 10th

    Strengthening international collaboration and knowledge – through technology

    Partner meetings & joined workshop.


For further information, please contact international office at international@kp.dk or our international coordinator within your educational field:

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We prioritize guest lectures/workshops as part of your program at KP international week. If you teach you can most likely receive Erasmus+ staff mobility funding. Please check at your home institution.