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University College Copenhagen suspends all cooperation with Russia and Belarus

We condemn the Russian invasion and send a declaration of support to our partners in Ukraine, says Vice-Chancellor of University College Copenhagen Stefan Hermann.

3rd of march 2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine now has consequences for University College Copenhagen’s cooperation with Russia and Belarus. As of this moment, University College Copenhagen has decided to suspend all educational and scientific partnerships with Russia and Belarus, tells Vice-Chancellor Stefan Hermann.

“It is tragic to witness the Russian proceedings in Ukraine. We are cancelling all of KP’s employee’s planned visits to Russia and Belarus, and we are putting all of our cooperation agreements on hold,” says Stefan Hermann.

This means, among other things, that University College Copenhagen will not receive any participants from Russia for the International Week 2022 that takes place between the 4th and 6th of April.

Furthermore, University College Copenhagen sends a declaration of support to our partners in Ukraine, who are currently going through a surreal time. This regards, among others, the pedagogical university in the city of Poltava in the eastern part of Ukraine.

“Our teacher education has a strong and long-standing collaboration with the university in Poltava. Their vice-chancellor has participated in our international days numerous times, and there have been Ukrainian students from Poltava in our teacher education programme. We wish to express our solidarity and support and send our most profound compassion to our hospitable friends and fellow human beings in Ukraine, “ says Stefan Hermann.

For further information:

Stefan Hermann, Vice-Chancellor at University College Copenhagen, tel., 26 13 73 97