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Honorary Associate

Professor Sam El-Osta is the first “Honorary Associate” at KP.

The 30th of April 2019 was a day of celebration and a historical day for the Programme of Biomedical Laboratory Science (BLS) and KP University College Copenhagen. This day the highly respected Professor Sam El-Osta from Epigenetics in Human and Health Disease Laboratory, Department of Diabetes, Monash University, Australia was appointed a position with the title “Honorary Associate”.

Professor Sam El-Osta via members of staff from KP
Docent Leif Kofoed Nielsen, Biomedical laboratory scientist Anne Jørgensen, International Coordinator Minna Fyhn Lykke Lladó, Professor Sam El-Osta, former Head of Research and Development Tobias Høygaard Lindeberg, Dean Randi Brinckmann, former Head of Department of Technology Anette Kjeldal Lausten and Head of Biomedical Laboratory Science Programme Henrik Hansen.

Professor Sam El-Osta’s profound professionalism, dedication, and passion for the Monash-KP student intern program is one of the many reasons. The El-Osta research group offers training and mentorship to BLS interns of exceptional high technical research standard far beyond their duty of care, providing the interns a life and career changing experience.

The partnership evolved also to include research cooperation with Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC) with skilled biomedical laboratory interns as a link between the research groups in Melbourne and Copenhagen. BLS intern Anne Jørgensen was the first in 2018. During 2019 and 2020, the El-Osta and Rossing research group shared another skilled BLS intern who analyzed Danish samples from the SDCC PROFIL Diabetes Registry in the Human Epigenetics Laboratory in Melbourne.

Professor Sam El-Osta’s remarkable contribution to education, training and research in Denmark is recognized by Danish Diabetes Academy (DDA) by funding a visiting professorship at SDCC during 2022 and 2023:

The fantastic cooperation between Monash University, SDCC and KP University College Copenhagen is giving unique opportunities for the BLS profession– leading to early career scientists that are highly attractive research staff at SDCC, NOVO and other highly esteemed working places in Denmark. Chief Biomedical Laboratory Scientist at CoreLab SDCC, Evy Ottesen is thrilled that the BLS profession now is part of a well-established research tradition in diabetes.

Glory and international recognition continue to nourish the Monash-KP student intern program as the prestigious Key Action Erasmus+ Programme is awarding future BLS interns in the El-Osta research group funding support. Huge congratulations to everyone involved!