Exchange students

University College Copenhagen offers a range of opportunities for exchange students.

We offer a variety of modules for exchange students in English and a few modules in French or German. 

Our academic programmes represent an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with the famous Scandinavian welfare model. At the same time, the student-oriented learning methods will help you develop your critical and analytical skills and improve your capacity for academic reflection.

How do I apply

In March 2018, University College UCC and Metropolitan University College merged and became University College Copenhagen. We are still working on developing a new, full-scale website for the new university college.

Application and information on how to apply, accommodation, student life etc. can be found on the former websites of University College UCC and Metropolitan University College:

Onboarding and Introduction and Welcome Week

University College Copenhagen organises an Introduction and Welcome Week for all exchange students. The week includes classes on Danish culture, assistance with practicalities, and an emphasis on social activities designed to promote social interaction. You can read about one of the introductory classes labelled "Cultural Encounters" here. 

University College Copenhagen offers Danish language courses through a partnership with IA Sprog. You can read more about Danish language courses here

You can read more about Introduction and Welcome Week here

What can I study

We offer international courses within the following areas:

Biomedical Laboratory Sciences
Emergency and Risk Management
Global Nutrition and Health
Nursing (Copenhagen)
Nursing (North Zealand)
Nutrition and Health
Occupational Therapy
Physiotherapy (Copenhagen)
Physiotherapy (North Zealand)
Psychomotor Therapy
Social Education
Social Work
Teacher Education (Copenhagen, former Metropolitan University College)
Teacher Education (Copenhagen, former University College UCC)
Textile Design, Handicraft and Communication

If you are fluent in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian, you may study part of our regular degree programmes at bachelor/graduate level or our full-time degree programmes at bachelor/graduate level, which are taught in Danish.