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The Nordic Model

Tracing the DNA of Democracy in the Danish Education tradition

For students in: Teacher Education
ECTS: 10
At: Campus Carlsberg, Copenhagen
Language: English
Period: Spring and autumn

The Module introduces the fundamental values of the Danish and Nordic school traditions.

The Module comprises the following areas of study:

  • The concept of ”Bildung” and its connection to the concept of competence in Danish educational thinking
  • Danish schools – school visits and empirical studies of chosen types of schools
  • Art in education: Multimodality – how to learn through art, how to learn through the interplay between images, sound and other modalities
  • How to improve and transfer learning in and through the arts to other disciplines
  • Discovering and creating understanding of human behaviour, thinking, potential, and learning especially through the close observation of works of art and various forms of involvement in arts experiences
  • Visual culture: Affordances of school architecture, how space defines relationships, important areas of visual culture, for example the building of schools and institutions, visual environments (houses, shops) and themes such as sport and tourism
  • Musical culture: Developing the musical imagination and capability to improvise/compose. How to develop the capacity of the person to experience and express the element of music and of art in general through whole body movement
  • Comparative educational studies with the inclusion of participants’ own national education systems.

While studying the Module, the student will achieve a fundamental knowledge to be used to reflect on “the Nordic model” and relate this approach to types of schooling in different countries.

How to apply

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International coordinator: Sabine Lam lu-international@kp.dk