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English language teaching: Intercultural competence in foreign language teaching

For students in: Teacher Education
ECTS: 10
At: Campus Carlsberg, Copenhagen
Language: Primarily English
Period: Spring and autumn

This module addresses the following issues: What is the importance of English in a globalized world? How can pupils cooperate internationally? What is culture and intercultural competence? Which cultural elements are central to teaching English as a foreign language? What are texts? How are texts integrated in language teaching? How does the teacher plan language teaching that includes intercultural competence in a globalized world?

The point of departure of this module is globalization, culture and intercultural competence in the work with particularly texts, images, IT and other media in language teaching.

The following issues will be central:

  • Culture and society connected to global issues in English-speaking countries
  • Cultural meetings in a global perspective involving English-speaking countries
  • Intercultural competence in meetings with other cultures and in comparisons with the home culture
  • Linguistic variations in the English-speaking world
  • Reading, text- and media competence, and communicative competence in language teaching

The student’s own language development will currently be considered in relation to the target areas of the module.