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Innovation Lab

For students in: Teacher Education
ECTS: 10
At: Campus Carlsberg, Copenhagen
Language: English
Period: Spring and autumn

Becoming a professional teacher means being capable of resolving specific issues and being active in education development in collaboration with others. This means that the teacher must be innovative in his or her daily practice. Furthermore, the teacher must encourage the pupils to become innovative citizens, which requires the teacher not only to be innovative in his or her teaching, but also to understand the didactics of innovation and to guide innovative learning processes.

The module takes its starting points in the following questions:

  • What is innovation in teaching and in a welfare perspective?
  • How and why should pupils develop innovative competence?
  • How can innovative competence be measured?

How to apply

Please find information about application, accommodation, visa, insurance etc. on our How to apply-page.


International coordinator: Sabine Lam lu-international@kp.dk