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Playful learning and citizenship in education

For students in: Early Childhood and Social Education
ECTS: 50 (20 + 30)
At: Campus Carlsberg, Copenhagen
Language: English
Period: Only autumn semester

How can students develop playful learning environments in their professional lives? How can playful learning approaches encourage children to form a sense of citizenship in institutions and schools?

This course encourages the student to explore and discover the values of playful learning and citizenship in education within and arts-based, theoretical, creative and experiential learning approaches. This full-time course is both theoretical and creative and comprises a variety of academic, didactic and experiential hands-on subjects and study activities with an overall emphasis on developing unique and relevant playful competences and a citizenship mindset in education. Furthermore, the urban setting of the … Campus invites the student to explore and incorporate the neighbourhood in his/her study activities.

Aim of the international course:

On completion, the student will have obtained professional competences in and knowledge about:

  • Implementing the playful skills and techniques acquired in his/her professional life.
  • Working with an increased focus on citizenship in education.
  • Ways of combining playful learning and citizenship in education.

Teaching themes

  • Citizenship in education
  • Play theory and culture
  • Drama, media, arts and play
  • Aesthetic learning and flow
  • Creative storytelling
  • Nordic pedagogical practice
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship

Study activities

  • Creative workshops, experiential learning and laboratory study activities
  • Active and practical study group work
  • Playful presentations and productions through arts, theatre, music and media
  • Theoretical approaches and lectures
  • Supervision in groups
  • Peer and group feedback.
  • Practical placements in a unique Danish institution or school.
  • Trips to relevant museums and cultural institutions

Period for autumn courses

  • 20 ECTS: 24th of August – 20th of November
  • 10 ECTS 23rd of November to the 31st of January — The 18th of December -31st of January a distant learning unit.

Contact information

International coordinator
Annette Bruun
+45 41 87 78 30