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Students abroad needs to travel back to Denmark

The Foreign Ministry has just announced that all Danes who are non-resident abroad on not long-term stays should return home

In addition, Denmark’s borders will be closed until April 13 for all unnecessary international travel activity. Our international students are neither tourists nor permanent residents abroad and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommendation is therefore not clear. See more at um.dk

If you as a student are considering remaining abroad, the following is important to consider:

  • How long does your stay last? The shorter the time left, the less reason to stay
  • Can you participate in the teaching/practice?
  • Are there any local initiatives that make it impossible for you to stay, such as visa limitations?
  • The quality of the local health system

The recommendations of University College Copenhagen is to make these considerations and, if necessary, discuss them with your international coordinator, fellow students and family. In addition, we believe that you should come home if you feel unsafe and in doubt. If you choose to cancel your stay abroad, your education and head of program will seek to find alternatives so that you can still complete your course.

The international coordinators will contact all students offering advice, guidance and assistance in connection with home journey and decision on this. In addition, contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Global Center is recommended: bbb@um.dk or +45 33 92 11 12