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KP Bornholm english

KP Bornholm

If you stand with rocks on one side, and the Kaolin lake on the other, you are close to the part of KP farthest from the others belonging to University College Copenhagen, namely KP Bornholm.


We are located in new premises with the very latest IT systems available to students at all times. Examples:

  • Library
  • Study centre
  • Study café
  • Group rooms

Social activities

Students at KP Bornholm have a wide range of options once they finish tuition for the day. Apart from study groups, KP Bornholm also supports activities across the board. Taking just a couple of examples:

Educational cafés can be an event with an invited speaker, or:

  • A BA café, at which graduates talk about their work with a BA project
  • Practical experience café, where experienced students talk to new students about their time on practical experience.
  • International café, where students who have been studying abroad talk about their experiences.

At least once every term, we hold ‘Academic Year Meetings’ at which the Head of Programme meets with all the students of a given academic year for discussion and to provide the latest information on the programme.

All the students and staff taking further education studies meet most Thursdays at 10.15 in the lounge for Assembly. Songs are sung and information presented, with representatives from the different programmes presenting how their courses progress through the year.

There are a number of small rooms throughout KP Bornholm for the use of students, and there are workstations in open-plan areas.

You are encouraged to take an active part in student politics by serving on the Student Council for further education programmes at KP Bornholm or Student Council for your programme.

Cambus Bornholm - bøger og hånd

Practical details

What programmes are on offer at KP Bornholm:


KP Bornholm
Minervavej 1
3700 Rønne
Phone: 70 89 09 90
Mail: info@kp.dk
(NOTE:  The staff answering the phone and e-mail might be working at other addresses than KP Bornholm)