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Forest and landscape college in Nødebo

The forest and landscape college is set in stunning surroundings in the Gribskov woods on Esrum lake, north of Hillerød, and is an academic centre hosting a number of programmes, where Natural and Cultural Heritage Management is run by University College Copenhagen. The wide range of programmes here create an exciting, multifaceted environment, in which students and course attendees from all sorts of different backgrounds meet.

Academic and social activities

Skovskolen is renowned for the huge range of outdoor activities it offers, such as:

  • Hunting
  • Angling
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Scouts
  • Mountainbiking

We have two shelter sites, two treetop huts, climbing masts and a woodland Parkour course.
Indoors, we have the gymnastics hall, where hockey, basketball and badminton are played. There’s also a modest fitness room with a few machines.
‘Flækken’ is the social hub, hosting Friday Bar and other important events.
Students are expected to organise their own student life, and ideas for new activities are always welcome. For more details, go to Skovskolen Nødebo’s own website. Take a peek at the social scene via student Instagram pics from Skovskolen Nødebo.

Hall of residence

Skovskolen has its own hall of residence, and we also rent out rooms to students in Nødebo and our Jutland branch at Eldrupgård. More details on accommodation on Skovskolen’s website.