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Campus Frederiksberg, Social Work

Around 1,700 students on the Social Work programme

Campus Frederiksberg is part of University College Copenhagen, and only offer the social work programme. The campus is one of University College Copenhagen’s oldest campuses, formerly home to Sociale Højskole. The building was originally a factory, and therefore features a wonderful mix of history and modern facilities.

Academic and social activities

Student life here has a lot more to offer than just reading thick books. There are lots of activities on the various programmes, and on the campus as a whole.

We hold ‘Social Friday’ once a month, featuring academic presentations on a range of themes.

This is a democratic institution, organised around 11 different councils and committees, giving you influence over everything from the canteen buffet to new political ideas.

“Varmestuen” is the college party committee, running our Friday Café and all major parties. Varmestuen consists of volunteer students from all years. The café is open every Friday of the academic year, and is a great place to develop your social and academic network. Visit Varmestuen on Facebook.

Tutors are there to ensure contacts between you and students from other years. They also arrange the shakedown trip. If you think it could be fun to become a tutor, watch out for the posters announcing when the next tutor course will be run.

Studielivspuljen is a fund from which students can apply for money to set up social and academic events. There is only one rule: any event has to be open for all the students at the college.

Students are expected to organise their own student life, and ideas for new activities are always welcome. If you want more details, follow us on our Facebook page. Du kan også se nogle af de student Instagram pics from Campus Kronprinsesse Sofies Vej.

Practical details

Public transport:

The following buses stop near Kronprinsesse Sofies Vej 35:

Bus 2A (Godthåbsvej/Aksel Møllers Have)

Bus 4A (Ndr. Fasanvej/Mariendalsvej)

Bus 18 (Falkoner Allé/Ågade)

Bus 67, 68 and 250S (Ågade/Jagtvej)

There is also a brand-new Metro station at Nuuks Plads, around 700 metres from the college.


Social Work study programmes
Kronprinsesse Sofies vej 35
2000 Frederiksberg
Receptionen: tlf. 72 48 75 00