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Campus Helsingør

Campus Helsingør runs the first two years of the Teacher Education programme.

Our premises in Helsingør are centrally located close to the station in the idyllic harbour town. Situated inside the Kulturværft, the facilities are elegant and close to the town’s wealth of cultural institutions. The campus features great student facilities, an excellent library café and food market. Here, students can study for the first two years of the Teach Education programme.
The Teacher Education programme here includes a high degree of hands-on practical experience, mentoring programmes and a focus on technology.

Content and structure

The Teacher Education programme at Helsingør is based on the same content, scope and structure as the full Teacher Education programme at Campus Carlsberg. More details on programme structure

The first two years will be spent on a teaching subject, where students will be able to choose between Danish and mathematics. Apart from the chosen subject, the programme includes five pedagogical modules within basic teaching skills, a practical experience period and a specialist module within innovation and technology.

During the fourth term, students will start their second teaching subject. All teaching subjects are available at Helsingør, given that a sufficiently large number of students choose the same subject. Alternatively, students can take courses at Campus Carlsberg or online. More about online learning.

Practical experience and practice collaboration

University College Copenhagen is in close collaboration with a number of schools in the Helsingør municipality. All teaching education students will be allocated a school for their fixed practical experience placement. These schools will take on a special role in relation to the students where they also open their classrooms for student activities/tests outside their practical experience period. The idea is for the schools to be an integrated part of the programme, where students have the opportunity to observe and take part in all elements of a school life even outside the practical experience period. This involves both teaching and school/home relationships etc.

Our practical experience collaboration places strong focus on innovation and technology. During the first two terms, the practical experience course equals 50 lessons, plus participation in the school’s theme weeks. During the third term we present ‘practical experience +’, which is a combination of days spent at the school on practical experience, and days at college. This creates great opportunities to switch between theory and practice, in order to facilitate an ongoing discussion with lecturers and fellow students on actual problems.

Mentor schemes

One of the key offerings at Helsingør is its school mentor scheme. A school mentor is a teacher from the allocated practical experience school linked to a fixed group of students throughout the period of 2 years. The school mentor will provide counselling on practical experience, take part in the introduction process and also able to teach on the programme on specialist themes.
Students will also be allocated a study mentor, which will be a lecturer from the Teacher Education programme. The study mentor supports students in their studies throughout the programme, with interviews and regular feedback in order to help link each element of the programme together.

Practical information

3rd and 4th year on the programme

The final two years are hosted at Campus Carlsberg. Students can choose between taking the programme on campus (daytime), or online (weekend and evenings), or a combination of both


International coordinator: Sabine Lam lu-international@kp.dk