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Kulturrelevant læreruddannelsesdidaktik til naturfag

Culturally relevant pedagogy in science teacher education.

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Fredag d. 31. maj 2024
Kl. 10.30 - 15.30


Campus Carlsberg
Humletorvet 3
Auditoriet CC.K1.02 - Astrid Lindgren
1799 København V
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27. maj 2024


OBS: Dette arrangement er på engelsk, men store dele af aktiviteterne foregår som gruppearbejde, hvor arbejdssprog er valgfrit. Facilitator og oplægsholdere vil henvende sig på engelsk og i plenum.

Note: This workshop will be conducted in English. However significant parts will take please as groupwork where participants are free to use a working language that reflects participants’ preferences. Facilitator and speakers will use English.

Are you interested in how science teacher education genders and racializes? This workshop brings together Danish perspectives on inclusion with international research on culturally relevant pedagogies.

Anyone who is interested is welcome, and if you have students that are interested, please invite them. The workshop is especially relevant to anyone who works in science teacher education or as science teachers in primary as well as secondary school.

For two years, a group of educators at the University College Copenhagen experimented with implementing gender-conscious pedagogies in teacher education. The aim was to find ways to teach preservice science teachers how takes gender into account when teaching science.

The project is funded by the Villum Foundation as part of a programme to improve the relevance of science and technology for children. This funding allows for inviting an internationally renowned researcher in the field. We are proud that Dr. Madkins of the University of Texas at Austin together with Dr. Doerr of Malmö University have agreed to facilitate and organize a workshop on Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in (science) teacher education.

Workshop facilitator: Tia Madkins, Asst. Professor, Dpt. of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education, The University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Madkins is leading efforts on three continents to bring pedagogies into STEM teacher education that attend to the intersectionality of gender and race/ethnicity. Dr. Doerr works at the forefront of gender theory to compare science teaching in the US and Scandinavia. Together, these two researchers are in rare positions to give international perspective to the Danish science classroom experience, one that is often about concerns for relevance.

Workshop organizers: KT Doerr, Asst. Professor, The Centre for Teaching and Learning, Malmö University, Bjørn Friis Johannsen, Assoc. Professor and Elzebeth Berg Wøhlk, Adjt. Professor, Departments of Teacher Education, University College Copenhagen

Please register so we can plan suitable activities.

Limited funds exist to cover participation and offset transportation costs. For more info, please contact the organizer.


The workshop is organized around three aims:

  1. Present results from ‘Kønsbevidst naturfagsdidaktik i læreruddannelsen’
  2. Discuss how these results relate to our national context
  3. Inform the discussion with research-based demonstration of antiracist and gender conscious pre-service science teacher education.

Program is being developed – but will entail rich opportunity for all participants to interact and engage with the topic of the workshop.


Bjørn Friis Johannsen


+45 24 29 62 63